The following works are linoleum tiles that have been embroidered with string.

Knight's Helm. 2010 Knight's Helm. 2010

Bold Me. Black Frame. For sale $65 Bold Me. Black Frame. For sale $65

Doubled. 12"x12" framed.

Rose. 12"x12" framed.

Surveillance 12"x12" framed.

The Brick. 12"x12" framed.

Bold Me.  12"x12" framed.

Educated. 12"x12" framed.

Booth. 12"x12" framed.

Challenger. 12"x12" framed.

Helvetica vs. Futura 12"x12" framed.

Eames Rocker. 12"x12" framed.

Matched. 12"x12" framed.

Squid vs. Whale. 24"x24" framed.

Squid remake. 2010 Squid remake. 2010