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Self Portrait. 2015.

Self Portrait. 2015.

I was born in Puerto Rico in 1979 where I grew up.  Puerto Rico is a unique place because it's always perpetually in a state of flux, where the majority of the population has no idea if it wants independence, or statehood.  In some ways I feel like that spirit of always being in the middle of everything, and not having a clear identity has kept my curiosity and my art making interesting, so I keep making new projects and new solutions to questions that I ask myself. 

I studied photography at the Rhode Island School of Design, where I graduated with a BFA in photography. I moved to New York right before 9/11 to start working as a photographer's assistant wherever I could find work (which in those days were slim.)  I volunteered time at the International Center of Photography, assisted for Howard Huang, and even assisted in editing a film for Wildfist films, now known as Area 17.

In those two years of living and working in NY, I had been working on my first series out of school titled Institutions, which funny enough was about schools, in an attempt to deconstruct their ideology, but really highlighting their institutional, prison like structures. At that time, I applied to graduate schools, and was accepted to Cranbrook Academy of Art

I now live in Philadelphia where i work as a photographer and an exhibiting artist.